Atavoli Hotel and Restaurant

This hotel is amazing. You’ve never stayed in a hotel like this. We have color TV and shag carpets in every room.

You should edit this description before using your booking engine because you probably don’t have shag carpet in every room (or color TV).

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Sample Hotel Room Service in PDF

Room Service

Room Service Breakfast served from 6:00 am to 11:00 am

American Breakfast two eggs your way / toast / breakfast potatoes / choice of fra’mani rosemary ham, sausage, or hobbs bacon / juice or coffee / 26

Turkey Hash poached eggs / golden beets / green olives / lemon zest / harissa / 21

Your Own Omelet choose three ingredients: mushrooms / onion / roasted peppers / spinach / roasted tomato / ham / bacon / caggiano chorizo / cheddar cheese / gruyere / feta / fresh mozzarella / 24

Egg White Omelet spinach / goat cheese / basil / sliced tomato / 24 eggs benedict poached eggs / ham / toasted english muffin / hollandaise / heirloom tomato / 24

Light Morning

strawberries / non-fat yogurt / 12 half grapefruit / strawberries / brown sugar / 12 market fruit salad / marshall farm’s honey / 12 nut house granola / choice of milk / cherries compote / 12 baked greek yogurt with honey / 12 assorted kellogg’s cereal / choice of milk / 12 add berries or bananas with any cereal / 4

Our Staff

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The Guestbook

I love this hotel. Will definitely stop by next time I'm in town.

Lars (New York)
Stayed on 24 January 2019

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